Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Everything's Better at the Beach

          All week I had been looking forward to the fall beach trip. When I was a freshman in the Levine program last year, everyone kept telling me that this was a fantastic time to relax and bond. Between the whirlwind of summer internships and the start of the school year, I was then looking forward to the level of interaction where there was company without the pressure of expected conversation as well as the spontaneity that wasn't hindered by responsibilities. It all started with the road trip down!

          We even stopped to get peach ice-cream and take hipster pictures.

          When we got to the beach, we immediately ran out to get our feet wet and be surrounded by the salty scent of the ocean breeze. The temperature was that perfect balance between warm and breezy. I took tons of walks along the beach talking about philosophy or the future or whatever came to mind. I even got to make progress on my book. I spent the majority of the trip stealing coffee that other people had made, playing mini-golf, and swimming. 

As the annual beach trip came to a close, I was sad to leave the peaceful interlude for my busy world, but it leaves me something to look forward to next year!

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