Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dorm Rooms

Coming to college, I was dreading dorm room life. But, it turns out that it's not too bad at all--I actually love my dorm. As part of the Honors college, we get to live in Witherspoon Hall along with other honors students, international students, and student-athletes. I share a bathroom, living room, and two bedrooms with my three suitemates. Our biggest challenge is the limited number of outlets in the bathroom. That, and the fact that four girls shed a lot of hair (we have to vacuum ridiculously often). But besides that, transitioning to living in a dorm has been pretty smooth.
Here's my bed and desk area. All the wires and cords on my desk make me crazy.
Living room...our couch was hideous so we covered it with a less ugly comforter.
Freezer, fridge, microwave...where we go for food when we don't feel like walking to Crown Commons. Notice the icepops in the freezer--they're a big hit.
We've permanently adopted our friend Sam's DVD player and keep adding to our movie and magazine collections...Closet space is a little crampedHalf of our bathroom

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