Saturday, December 11, 2010

That Big Ol' Announcement

(Artwork by Wes Scruggs)
Here is the flier for the big news i mentioned in my last post. We have finally announced it to the public, as all the official documentation has been signed, and so now I am sharing it with the whole wide world. But i thought it would add some color to the blog, and that you might want to see it. So there it is. If you're in the greater Charlotte area, come check it out, it's going to be "dopesauce."

Exams are going now. Had math yesterday, now i'm basically done. All i have left is building a website for a portfolio, and studying for an exam on a novel i read and analyzed unto death last year in senior english. So things are really drawing to a close up here at UNCC for the first semester. Its a bittersweet ending, but i'm ready for some real food, my own room, and cats (i own cats, and i'm going to see them.) Have a good week/day/month.
Peace out girl scouts

Friday, December 3, 2010


I suppose that I'll talk to you about myself and what is currently going fantastically in the world. The band that I may or may not have written about earlier this semester in my first and only post aside from this one has finally decided on a name. We are called Grayson. The idea was my good friend Baylor's. Initially I had pitched an idea that was okay, but it wasn't really meant for us. See, the name Grayson is derived from Grayson Highlands, which is an area just above the North Carolina border in Virginia. We took a backpacking trip there over fall break way back when. It's significant to us, because that's where we came together as a band. The other guys were all good friends for a long time before I met them. Baylor and Big Har are brothers. Their family and Timmy and Johny's families have also been friends for a long time. They take trips, hang out in town, do all those good things together frequently. So the trip was not only a sort of initiation for me into 'the crew', but it was the initiation of the band into 'the world'. Thus, Grayson. It's simple, straightforward, catchy, meaningful, and most importantly it fits us. What more can you ask for?

About us; We practice on Thursday nights, sometimes on other nights too if we have a performance to prepare for, or a desire to do so. The practice space is in the Witherspoon common area on the third floor. Or maybe in the kitchen on the second floor. Depending on what we want to do. Sometimes Wendy's is consumed, other times it isn't. People may come by. And our biggest fan is the security guard named Raymond. "YA'LL MAKIN' A CD!?" He yells as he passes through on his rounds. And then there was that one time when he yelled "NOOOooo..." when we made the mistake of practicing in my room. We have many friends who are very kind and awesome, Jordan, Sam, Maegan, Chelsea, Rebekka, Kali, York, and so on. We love them all. Songs are always being improved, introduced and written, scrapped, or put on the back burner for inspection at a later date and time. As it is we have about 6 originals, and 7 that we know how to play. Our myspace will be up soon, and I will post a URL for it here, in case anyone wishes to listen to pleasing noises. Grayson is our name, music is our game.
Baylor Brown: Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Vocals
Johny Walker: Guitar, Awesomeness
Timmy Chu: Shakers, Tambourine, Vocals, Jokes
Big Har (Harrison Brown): Box Drum, Sideburns and Goatee, More Awesomeness
Jacob Huffman: Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Vocals

Big things are in store for Grayson. I am not allowed to mention what, as I am not allowed, but when I can I will. Maybe it would be fun for you to come see a show, or maybe not. I don't decide what you do and don't do.


From Left: Big Har, Timmy Chu, Jacob Huffman, Baylor Brown, Johny Walker (cheesin')
View at sunset from first campsite
View of Baylor on the hike out

View of Baylor unknowingly being photographed in an epic picture
The view. Timothy stayed down the rocks to sit and guard the packs. That there is Baylor, Big Har and Johny

(All these pictures are mine and I give me permission to use them in this post)

So there you have it folks. Another post. Thanks for reading!
Your friend, admirer, and conquerer,
Jacob Huffman