Saturday, December 11, 2010

That Big Ol' Announcement

(Artwork by Wes Scruggs)
Here is the flier for the big news i mentioned in my last post. We have finally announced it to the public, as all the official documentation has been signed, and so now I am sharing it with the whole wide world. But i thought it would add some color to the blog, and that you might want to see it. So there it is. If you're in the greater Charlotte area, come check it out, it's going to be "dopesauce."

Exams are going now. Had math yesterday, now i'm basically done. All i have left is building a website for a portfolio, and studying for an exam on a novel i read and analyzed unto death last year in senior english. So things are really drawing to a close up here at UNCC for the first semester. Its a bittersweet ending, but i'm ready for some real food, my own room, and cats (i own cats, and i'm going to see them.) Have a good week/day/month.
Peace out girl scouts

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