Tuesday, February 4, 2014

It's Snow Big Deal

The first time I saw snow was January 17, 2008. It was truly magical.

I awoke to the shoves of my younger sister around 3AM to see the small snow flurries hit our bedroom window. I jumped out of bed, put on every layer of winter gear that I owned, and headed outside. It was my only natural response.

My sisters, Imani (right), Jasmine (center), and
I smiling outside in the snow. 
My family moved to Charlotte several months before, and the one thing I looked forward to since our long move from Miami to Charlotte, was the chance to experience the seasons. Miami only has two seasons, rainy and dry. I couldn't wait to see the leaves change colors, feel the winter wind's chill the air, but most importantly, I wanted snow. So when my sisters and I marched onto our neighborhood street that frigid morning to catch snowflakes in our mouths, I was ecstatic.

Needless to say, I was very, very excited to see snow in the forecast this past week. I called my mom after my Earth Science class where my professor confirmed it. Charlotte would receive snow. I eagerly awaited the first snowfall of 2014. I checked the weather app on my phone obsessively, borrowed a tray from Crown Commons for sledding, and put on my hiking boots for safety in the ice. Rumor spread that the university would cancel classes, so a group of us braved the harsh elements (at least I thought they were) to sled down the hills around campus.

First-year UNC Charlotte students post-sledding adventure.
Isabella, Eileen, Austin, and I made snow angels. Casey posed for artsy snow pictures. Ryan tried to sled on his stomach. Davis stopped us from sledding into trees. We spent nearly two hours enjoying the snowy campus until our fingers numbed.

There is something about the snow that will always make me giddy with excitement. While we only had a few inches, I enjoyed every second of our time out in the snow, and I am keeping my fingers crossed for more snowflakes in the future.

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