Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Introducing the Jacob

Alrighty, I'm gonna go ahead and post the first student post.

So my name is Jacob Huffman. Pleased to make your acquaintance.

A little about me; I'm a fan of cats, I own three of them. And before you even think to yourself "oh I despise cats," know that my cats are awesome. And many of my friends who "despise cats" love my cats. I like to cook and eat food, my favorite is probably asian. I've been known to make a mean plate of fried rice. I also like reading and writing, my favorite things to read/write are short stories. I play music, the guitar, banjo, and a little mandolin, and I sing. Some old friends and I have started up a band here, I'll post a link to our myspace when we acquire one. And I like to go places and do things.

Now you know Jacob.

Let's talk about school. School is cool. My classes are going swimmingly, I'm destroying every test that is put before me, and I study and do homework without even thinking about it, it's like breathing. Alright, I'm exaggerating a bit. But really, I'm working hard and things are going well. What you put in is what you get out. And though I should be writing an essay right now, I figure I can do it late at night when everything is quiet and my roommate Mack is trying to sleep. THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR WAKING ME UP AT 5:23 EVERY MORNING MACK! No he knows I'm joking. We get along real good.

Anyhow, I know you don't want to hear about academics anymore. And I don't want to talk about them, that's all people ever seem to be able to talk about. Whatever.

Moving on to school life. It's really great being up here. There's so much freedom, as I'm sure you've heard already. Weekends have really lost their meaning for me because pretty much every night I'm hanging out like it's a Friday night. For other people I'm sure it's different, people who go to parties and stuff, but in the program we have to keep our noses clean, so it doesn't really matter to me.

I think that I got lucky with the mix of people that are on the hall we live on (third floor suites in Witherspoon.) The teaching fellows pretty much make up the rest of the hall, but there are various pockets of general honors students here and there. But everyone is just hanging out, making a racket, having fun all the time up here. There's always someone to talk to. And even if you have something to do, it's okay, because you can stop for like 15 minutes, have a laugh or two, then move on with your day, and it's 100% less of a bad day. Back in high school, if you had a bunch of junk to do on a Saturday, you didn't see anyone for the whole day, and it was rough! But now, with all your friends right up and down the hall, you don't get so lonely.

Of course I've made friends outside of the hall and outside of the program. Mainly I've become really good friends with these three other guys in my band, Baylor, Timmy and Johny (and am becoming friends with a fourth who we added last week, Harrison, Baylor's brother.) One of them was a guy I knew from high school, and the other two I met at a show at Tremont (a sub-par concert hall here in Charlotte.) We've been meeting up regularly for lunch, the occasional dinner or breakfast, and recording/practice on Thursday nights. Through them I've met a lot of other great guys and ladies, played ultimate frisbee, had some lunch and what not, laughs and junk. So I've really been getting out and making friends and acquaintances.

Sometimes I attend events on campus, sometimes I just hang out on the hall with the floor mates. Wherever I am I'm usually having a good time with good people. Really it's just all about not being afraid to introduce yourself to someone, or go into a situation where you may feel awkward as all get out. I've been taking those risks, and its paid off well. Like one night I was outside the dorm, and these people walked up. So we started talking, and two of them left while two of them stayed, Elliot and Jordan. Me and Jordan were having some good music conversations (I'm very into the local scene, so I like to share my knowledge with newcomers.) Either he gave me his number, or I gave him mine, but somehow one of us had the other's number. He lives in Lynch, right next to Witherspoon, and so we met up for lunch or dinner or something. Since then we've hung out pretty much every day, gone hiking over at Crowder's Mountain, had some serious inside jokes develop. You know, that general friend stuff. But he's a good dude of mine, and I'm glad I got the opportunity to meet him.

So, you know, I've met some great people, and gotten some great things going. I'm really satisfied here at UNCC, and being a native Charlottean, I love my city, so how could I not be? Hopefully things continue to be peachy. But now I'm tired of blogging. So I say good day.

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