Sunday, December 30, 2012

Making Philanthropy...Fun-lanthropy

Anyone who knows me, and, well, probably people who don’t even know me that well, know I love helping: helping kids, adults, animals, the less fortunate…the list goes on an on.  It’s the reason I docked hundreds of hours in high school at the Humane Society and hosted blood drives, and the reason that I continue my love of helping others even today. 

One of my favorite parts of being both a Levine Scholar as well as being Greek is the ample opportunities I have to help out locally and in the greater Charlotte community as well.  The Levine Scholars Program not only gets involved with James Martin Middle School and Ronald McDonald House, but groups of scholars also organize events on weekends together to help out in various different ways.  As for my Greek organization, Alpha Delta Pi (ADPi), our nationally philanthropy has been Ronald McDonald House since 1979.  To raise money we annually hold barbeques, pie-a-pi (just as it sounds, it’s very messy!), pop tab wars, and other fun events. However, one of the most exciting things is to get involved in other Greek organization’s philanthropies.  It makes raising money and supporting organizations more than just visits and donations, but a big event where you can meet people, a competition (by the way, I’m SUPER competitive…Koehler’s don’t lose), and a fun way to learn about other philanthropies while being involved for a great cause.

Getting pied in the face to raise money for Ronald McDonald House!
One of my talented sisters singing at our annual Boot Scootin' BBQ!
My big sister and I putting on our scary masks and makeup for our Haunted House with Chi Phi Fraternity.
A pageant I competed in last year through Sigma Alpha Epsilon to raise money for their cause, Relay for Life. 
Outside of one of my favorite places in the world, the Ronald McDonald House!

I was fortunate enough to be involved with multiple different events this year, and had a blast with all of them.  The first that Alpha Delta Pi competed in was Watermelon Bust, hosted by Lambda Chi Alpha to raise money and cans for the North American Food Drive.  Normally, as the name suggests, all of the events throughout the day involve watermelon: a watermelon eating contest, a wheelbarrow drive while pushing watermelons, a Miss Watermelon pageant, a watermelon toss…you get the point.  However, due to the competition being held late this year and frosts going rampant through South Carolina…dun dun dun…we had to use PUMPKINS.  Needless to say, it was a lot of fun, and Alpha Delta Pi won first! Whoo!

Alpha Delta Pi winning first at Lambda Chi Alpha's Watermelon Bust whoo hoo!
The winning painted melon (that we called a mini watermelon) I painted! 

Another event I got to participate in was Sigma Phi Epsilon’s “Costume Carve”.  It was right before Halloween, and each team was given a pumpkin that they were able to carve and/or paint. Donations and cans brought to the event were brought to Second Harvest Food Bank.  I loved this event for a few reasons: I love to paint and carve, and not only did ADPi win best pumpkin overall, but a group with some of the other Levine Scholars won a side award as well!  It’s always great to see Greeks mesh with other organizations.

ADPi starting on our winning pumpkin!
Bethany, Chloe, and Anna and their prize winning pumpkin too!

Finally, the most recent event I was involved with was with another Alpha Delta Pi chapter at Chapel Hill.  My big sorority sister's blood sister is the philanthropy chair for ADPi at UNC (so she's like my sorority 'twin'!) and was hosting a huge 5K to benefit the Ronald McDonald House called the Ron-A-Thon.  The run went through campus and had a great turnout, lots of goodies and snacks for the runners, and was a lot of fun.  I'm so happy I got to see how events at other schools are ran and got to help raise money for a place very near and dear to my heart! 
My whole big and little sister and me with the banner advertising the Ron-A-Thon!

From haunted houses, pageants, auctions, competitions and other fundraisers, being at Charlotte, being a Levine Scholar, and being Greek provides ample opportunities for me to continue being involved in my community and with my UNC Charlotte peers!

Elizabeth (and Spike)

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