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Trust me, I'm an Engineering Major

Hello Readers!

My Halloween Costume this year.
Women Engineers, "We Can Do It!"
My name is Kaitlyn Chapman and I am a freshman Levine Scholar at UNC Charlotte.  I am a Civil Engineering major in the William States Lee College of Engineering here on campus, and I have a hard time imagining myself anywhere else.   Because of my engineering major, I am bound to be pretty straightforward with you throughout this post (Bear with me!).  When I applied to UNC Charlotte, I had a difficult time convincing myself that I would actually enjoy the engineering program here.  Most of my friends were looking into science, math, and engineering majors at other more large and well-known universities across the state and country.  

 One of my favorite T-Shirts on campus!  Notice "Niner" highlighted within the word "Engineer."  
When I was accepted as a Levine Scholar, I barely knew anything about the achievements of and research opportunities in the college of engineering at UNC Charlotte.  Making my final decision between UNC Charlotte and another well-known engineering school was extremely difficult for me (just ask my family or any of my high school friends), but it all came down to looking at which college would offer me better opportunities for the future.  The Levine Scholars Program works very closely with faculty and staff throughout the entire university including the college of engineering.  With connections like these, I knew I would be able to get involved and thrive here at UNC Charlotte.

My first semester as an engineering major has been both fun and challenging (as it should be).  It is a great feeling to be able to walk around campus and tell people “I’m an engineering major,” and have them look at you like you are a celebrity or something (especially since there is not that many women in the engineering department in the first place).  Being an engineering major at any university involves a lot of projects, homework, studying, and math classes, but if it is something you really enjoy and are passionate about, you will be able to persevere through it all and do well.

My first engineering project as a student at UNC Charlotte.  Isn't it beautiful?
Testing out my beam design for the second engineering project.  Of course it was safe...
It turns out the engineering program at UNC Charlotte is growing and becoming more popular at a shocking pace.  Within the past year, construction was finished on one of the newest buildings on campus – EPIC (The Energy Production & Infrastructure Center).  EPIC contains some of the newest engineering technologies that can be used by students to have a better understanding of the energy industry throughout the globe.  UNC Charlotte’s goal is to use EPIC and other new campus facilities to train its engineering majors to become some of the most talented and knowledgeable graduates in the energy industry so they can move on to work in leading engineering firms across the world.  While environmentalism, sustainability, and energy are some of my biggest passions, UNC Charlotte also contains one of the best Motor Sports Engineering Programs in the country since we are so close to the Charlotte Motor Speedway and NASCAR has been so influential here.  Overall, the engineering program at UNC Charlotte offers many great opportunities and resources to its students, and I know I made the right decision by choosing to come here.  Trust me, I’m an engineering major.

If you have any questions about the William States Lee College of Engineering at UNC Charlotte, feel free to look through the college’s website: www.coe.uncc.edu

 A beautiful picture of the EPIC (Energy Production & Infrastructure Center) building!  My engineering class this semester actually meets in the ground floor here.
Until next time,

Kaitlyn Chapman
Levine Scholar Class of 2016

PS:  And since you asked for it, here are some more pictures!

Fellow Levine Scholar roommate and suitemate!
Exercising with all of my suitemates!
Levine Women's Intramural Flag Football Division Champions!
My roommate Christie and I being our normal, crazy, nerdy selves!

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